How it works for Professors and Professionals

Expert to Instructor


Schedule it

Utilise edunomics platform to post your availability with your expertise you wish to share as well as topic you can take with schedule of your availability

Class of YOURs

Share your intellect & knowledge to youngsters & motivate them with practical cases

GET rated & more

Feedback about you as we;; as class by edunomics app, to vitalise engagements ; also get paid for it.

How it works for Institutions

Ask a class

Post requirement of subject prof you are searching for

Search it

Search on the edunomics platform who all are available with their BIO & TAT ( Teaching aptitude test)

Done Professors

Motivate & get exposed to your students to best in class profs to alleviate & upgrade themselves

Get Connects

These profs will bring a long industry connects with themselves